Tips to Decide Which Brand of Tyres to Buy

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. So, when deciding which type of tyre to buy, you should first keep in mind the brand name. Cheap and poor looking tyres can provide less control in an emergency situation and will have longer stopping distances. Different brands of tyres have different standards and quality levels. The brand name will have a great effect on the total speed, safety, efficiency, and control. You should also keep in mind the model of your car and your budget.

Know the brand

Before buying a tyre, decide upon which brand of tyre you want. Conduct a prior study on the tyres and their quality. Getting quotes from many tyre fitters would be a good idea. This will allow you to get an idea about the price at which the tyre is actually available. If you find a cheaper quote at another shop then ask your tyre dealer about the price deal and whether he can offer a price in the same range.

Well known brands of tyres promise to provide you with a high quality experience. But, there are also lesser known tyre manufacturers who provide high quality tyres at relatively low prices. Before buying a tyre you can check for recommendations from friends or from a well known tyre manufacturer.

Consider an online store

Instead of the usual retail premises, consider buying your tyre from an online shop. This may be a less expensive option, even if you include the shipping charges, although many do also organise fitting. Such an idea will be extremely profitable when you buy less popular brands of tyres. These sites provide the option of shipping the tyre to the mechanic of your choice, who will perform the installation of the tyre.

Buy directly from the dealer

People usually depend on their local tyre fitter or local mechanic when it comes to buying new tyres. But these businesses can only carry a limited number of models and so it is recommended that you try out a full service tyre dealer who will most probably have a large number of brands.

Sometimes a dealer of a specific tyre brand will be able to provide you the tyre at a reasonable price from his shop when compared to other retail outlets. This is because he gets the products directly from the factory. When you try to buy a tyre brand from a retailer who is not a direct dealer, you may have to pay 20 to 30 percent more than the actual value.

Compare between brands

While buying tyres it makes good sense to compare between various brands.  There are many options available and the right tyre is dependent upon your car and driving needs.

Consider the durability

When buying a tyre, do take into consideration its durability. Have an idea about the wear life of the tyre. This will reduce your future expenses as and when the need arises to change your tyres.