Driving in the Snow

Although we’re unlikely to be hit by snow this Christmas, we may find ourselves getting struck by it in January, and we’re here to make sure you’re fully prepared for driving in the snow before that time comes.

High gears can be your best friend in the snow, and if your car allows you to change the gears manually, you should aim to pull off in thick snow in second or third gear. This can mean your wheels are less likely to spin and you’ll be less likely to lose control.

Obviously we’d recommend that you never drive in the snow, unless it’s an absolute emergency. But if you do have to, then make sure you avoid sharp breaking and keep at least  triple the amount of distance from the car ahead to what you usually would.

There are also some items which can make help you more prepared for driving in the snow and we’re providing you with a quick list.

  • Sun Glasses (because of the glare from the snow on sunny days)
  • A lighter (in case your lock freezes)
  • Wind Screen Reservoir
  • Anti Freeze
  • Scraper