Get more Life put of Your Tires

The condition of tires is often talked about, and they’re extremely pricey to buy, especially if you’re buy a new set. There are ways to make sure your tires last longer, and we’re going to help you out.

Firstly drive slower. Tires are not built for racing, so if you’re a bit of a speed freak you may need to take your foot off the throttle because it won’t be doing your tyres any good at all, they’re built for general commuting and not lap racing.

Another way to make sure you get more life out of your tires is by makings sure they’re always adequately pimped with the right amount of air. If you constantly let your tires go down then pump them up, you can do them a bit of damage over time, and it can potentially mean they don’t pump up again if you let them get too flat.

Another way is to make sure you do not curb your wheels or go off-roading. A tyre likes a smooth road, and unless you have special tyres you should have them bouncing around, hitting curbs, rocks or hills. Take more care and think more about the life of your tires and you’ll definitely get more life out of them.