Car Tyres – Making sure they are correctly aligned

When it comes to replacing car tyres, the process can be extremely expensive, especially if the car you drive requires bespoke or unpopular versions of tyres. 4 x 4’s and larger vehicles require larger tyres and this provides manufacturers the opportunity to increase the prices for these particular types of cars. However the large part, specifically in the UK, saloon’s and small hatchbacks will similar sizes of tyres. Most of the time you will be looking to spend at-least £200 or more solely for purchasing the tyres – an additional £20-£50 will generally be required to have them professional fitted by an approved tyre fitter.

This is important because incorrectly aligned and unbalanced tyres will decrease the number of years the tyre will last for whilst in-conjunction with decreasing the mileage that the tyre can handle. In the long run this will mean that it’ll cost a driver more to replace them on a regular basis.