Car Batteries – How to spot tell tale signs a car battery is flat

Car batteries can be a nightmare for many motorists up and down the country. This vital piece of equipment provides a charge for the spark plugs to ignite the engine, amongst many other functions such as having your lights on in the dark, powering the radio, heated seats etc.

But if the battery fails you are pretty much stuck until a replacement is found or if there is enough charge in it to get you to the nearest garage. The first tell tale signs are your lights – are they dimmer than usual? If they look a lot less powerful then you may be starting to see the effects of a failed battery. Likewise, if you notice that you car takes more than 5 turnovers when starting the car, then this may also signify a problem with either the battery or the sparkplugs. They can be replaced for the cost of around £70, so keeping them well maintained is perfect.