Car Tyres – Spotting the common trends in faults

Car tyres are unfortunately a bug bear for many drivers in the United Kingdom. Typically, but dependent on the way you drive and the amount of miles that you commute each day, car tyres tend to last in the region of 2-4 years.

With average tyre prices as a generality increasing, due to the recent rise in inflation seen in the UK, along with the continued search for the cheapest tyres, manufacturers of these products have been put under significant strain to try and match the types of purchasing behaviours and customer expectations when it comes to buying a brand new set of tyres.

Typically, the price range normally fits into the £100 – £250 price range bracket for 4 new tyres, which again, are totally dependent on the model, variety, condition and size of the product. With this, along with continued price fluctuation, many car owners in the UK are typically faced with this gruelling task of forking out for another set of tyres.