Driving Economically to Save Fuel

With fuel prices higher than ever in the UK, drivers are feeling the effects. Many are trying to save as much money as possible on fuel, so that they can still afford to drive their vehicle as much as they would like to. There are many things you can do to help making driving more efficient. Here are some of the top recommendations:

• Keep to a sensible speed. Driving too fast will make fuel consumption higher so keep your speed down. Sticking to speed limits is required by law anyway but you may want to drive a little slower than usual in order to save money.
• Don’t accelerate too fast. If you are driving at a higher speed, accelerate gradually rather than at a high speed. Make the changes of speed gradual to be kinder to your fuel supply.
• Don’t break as hard. Of course, this is unavoidable in an emergency. In general though, break gently.