A Glimpse on Essentials of Car Maintenance

No matter how old your vehicle is, good maintenance and care will be beneficial for the effectiveness of the engine of your automobile. Even if the car gets tiny dent, you get anxious and straight away take to the mechanic to fix the issue.

Essentials of Car maintenance

There are basically four aspects, which you need to check and see if there is any issue get it done on your own. We will tell you four basics of car maintenance regimen.

· Wheels and tires: regularly clean the dust, check the pressure of the tread

· Engine: it is the most important for any car, this what makes any car different from other apart from the looks, Fuel economy,

· Fuel / gas: it is just a myth that higher octane will give you better fuel efficiency. check the oil level on regular basis.

· Body work and paint: chose the best detailing product which will keep both your interior and exterior like new for years to come.