Looking Out for Problems with your Brakes

Brakes undergo a lot of wear and tear, so you will need to keep an eye on them. Failing brakes could be catastrophic for your car. There are many problems that could occur with brakes, many of which are fairly minor and won’t cost a lot of money to repair. They could become more problematic though, so here are some things to look out for:

  • Unexpected noises. This is usually an indication that your brake pads are wearing thin. Noises may sound dramatic – squealing and squeaking are common – but this is a very easy problem to rectify.
  • A burning smell. This could be your brakes overheating, which is very serious indeed. It could damage the pads, making it harder to brake.
  • A warning light on your dashboard. This could indicate problems with brakes like a low fluid level. Take the car to a garage if a light comes on relating to the brakes.