How long until cars are fully automatic?

With the advent of the digital age, the potential for cars to be entirely automated is now there. By this, I mean a car which can drive, park, and compensate for unexpected changes (like pedestrians or drunk drivers). In fact, this may well be coming in the near future. We have already seen cars which can park by themselves, and more recently we have seen new cars able to break by themselves when they need to. All of this bodes well for people eagerly awaiting their fully automatic cars. Many businesses have theorised how they would go about building such a car. Firstly, it would require some type of computer operating system, which is able to relay and receive information from its environment, and also able to communicate with other cars and drivers. From there, the degrees to which this gets accomplished are highly varied. For instance, if we were all to be driving these cars,why couldn’t they all use the same operating system? If this were to happen, the operating system could potentially be planning traffic flow, and from there, it could potentially eliminate all traffic accidents, while also drastically increasing the speed at which we all travel.