Four Things you Should Know About your Car

Every car owner needs to maintain their vehicle to a safe standard and ensure it is legal and roadworthy. If you do not do this you are not only endangering yourself, you are also endangering other road users. Here are four things you should know about your car to make driving safer:

  • The noises it makes when driving. An unusual noise can be a sign of a loose bearing, an old part that is coming loose, or an even more serious problem. Be alert and aware when driving.
  • How to lift the bonnet and change a tyre. You should have a general grasp of basic car maintenance so that if you ever find yourself in an emergency, you will be able to deal with it.
  • When your service and MOT is due. Never forget these important dates.
  • How to carry out general checks. You should know how to check oil levels, add windscreen wiper fluid, and carry out other basic processes.